MetaPro has extensive Telecom experience not only in providing staff to work under the direction of our clients, but also excel at managing large, complex turnkey projects ourselves. Turnkey projects ease the burden on your organization and hold us accountable to defined deliverables, timelines, and fixed projects costs. Senior Consultant and management at MetaPro has great understanding of the turnkey project life cycle, including defining requirements, assigning priorities, staffing the project, developing the plan and tracking methodology, Identifying, mitigating, and managing risk, and measuring results.

MetaPro caters highly skilled and competent resources to assist our clients with their short to long term project requirements. Our experienced resources integrate rapidly within the client organization, understand the system and their responsibilities facilitating knowledge transfer and exit gracefully at the conclusion of each project.

Some of our project experience includes:

  • Network Engineering
  • RF Engineering, Drive Testing & Optimization
  • Project Management

Network Engineering

MetaPro resources have the knowledge, understanding, and experience in planning, designing, and implementing network architecture from start to finish based upon the technology, market specifications, and goals of our clients. Some of our services include Network Core engineering, interconnect, capacity planning, configuration of equipment and routing optimization

RF Engineering

MetaPro resources have extensive understanding and execution experience on all network life-cycle phases and technologies ( LTE, UMTS, EVDO, GSM, CDMA, WiMAX, WiFi) in order to assume the design and optimization responsibilities for our clients. The experience ranges from basic cell planning for new markets, to integration and optimization of the latest technologies in dense urban environments and all types of small cell deployments.

Drive Testing & Optimization

  • Drive testing and benchmarking of original legacy sites for initializing RF parameters
  • Coverage
  • Capacity
  • Quality of Services (QoS)
  • Conduct a complete inventory of all existing equipment
  • Original site RF equipment assessment from an RF engineering and construction/space management perspective, plotting area placement and access for new equipment insertion
  • Drive test the new equipment and collect data
  • Post-process the collected drive test data and make recommendations for adjustments

Signal Intensity

  • Signal quality
  • Interference
  • Dropped calls
  • Blocked calls
  • Anomalous events

Call Statistics

  • Service level statistics
  • QoS information
  • Handover information
  • Neighbouring cell information
  • GPS location coordinates