IT Solutions

Metapro IT services cover the full range of needs of enterprises, from Staffing to Solutions. Metapro offers flexible options with its onsite, onshore, and offshore delivery capabilities and T&M and fixed price choices. Over the past decade, our ability to serve our clients has steadily evolved. It now covers all key industries, geographies and delivery models, as well as all de facto and de jure technologies.

Metapro delivers proven IT talent to augment our clients' own resources, Metapro has played a vital role in our clients mission-critical IT projects supporting in critical IT roles. Metapro uses proprietary Sourcing Methodology to hire and retain the best talent from all over world matching our clients' requirements.

Our Enterprise Applications service extends our proven talent with technical depth and delivery discipline to execute complex projects on time and on budget. Metapro has experience with proven processes in place to quickly ramp up or scale down the resources on the projects as needed and to respond promptly to the changing requirements.

IT Service Offering