While there is no Silver Bullet that can fix the gap in white collar talent and experience facing a large number of US companies, we can address the pressing need of knowledge transfer, and workforce planning gaps. Metapro is working with Utilities to employ their retiring professionals and then providing them as consultants, FT, PT and temporarily back to those organizations.

The dynamics of this process vary by organization, primarily Metapro can provide retired professionals to an organization that has rules and or by-laws preventing them from contracting retired or ex-employees. Metapro becomes the employer of record and contracts its services back to the client.

The BIGGEST impact is the entire process is Transparent – the company knows exactly what the ex-employee is being paid and the markup in between is DRAMATICALLY lower than all other consulting - contracting vendors. In addition we are providing retired Utility professionals to different organizations that purely need a bridge as new employees learn the ropes and become seasoned themselves. Metapro holds all the pertinent G&L Insurance, Professional Liability, Errors and Omissions, Work Comp, Unemployment and other coverage’s for every state.

If your organization is examining its Workforce planning issues and requires a no nonsense expert opinion, please contact us for a full assessment. The reality is Utility professionals are not in Great supply, thinking outside the box and implementing forward thinking initiatives is at hand. For those professionals retiring please contact Metapro to get involved in exploring a variety of exciting challenges available across the US.

Our Clients range from the smallest Electric Cooperatives to some of the industry leading Power conglomerates… all of which are treated with the same level of attention and dedication. Our prorcess is customized for each unique hiring situation that will include the need for our team to interface with the hiring authority and have access to the hiring process. To take on a search mission your organization has to be able to attract top talent, we can help you do just that.

The Energy Professionals we work with are an eclectic group of people, with various titles and duties within the industry. We are talking to Energy and Power professionals all day every day, as a company we strive be a confidential source for these professionals wherein they can receive CONFIDENTIAL career assistance. Over half of our introductions are the result of our targeted career marketing for employed confidential candidates.

We recruit a variety of industry professionals and are open to assessing anyone working within the industry or seeking a specific skill-set in the Energy and Power world. Typical titles and or Key Words might include: Transmission Line Design Engineer, Transmission line Engineer, Transmission Engineer, Substation Design Engineers, Substation Engineers, Substation Technicians, Substation Electricians, Protection & Controls, Relay Engineers, Relay Technicians, Breakers, Reclosures, transformers, circuit breakers, Schweitzer, ABB, Basler, PLS CADD, PLS POLE, PLS TOWER, Auto CAD, GIS, SAPS, ARC.