Oil & Gas

Metapro provides Oil & Gas companies flexible and cost effective solutions fulfilling today’s need for contingent human capital. Client-identified contractors can be safely and rapidly deployed, retirees and annuitants can be re-engaged, open positions can be sourced and filled even on the most aggressive timeframes.

Metapro clients enjoy the following benefits

  • Client-identified contractors are quickly onboarded through Metapro Payrolling Services.
  • Vacancies are filled with Metapro Staffing and Agency Services.
  • Contractor Management Services allow project teams to focus on core competencies by handing off vendor management responsibility to Metapro as a managing agency
  • Contractor wages are validated and best managed through Metapro Salary Benchmarking.
  • Retirees and annuitants can be safely re-engaged through Metapro Re-engagement Services.
  • Global Mobilization supports your entire contractor workforce with SOS, logistics and immigration services.