Health Care

We experience that the healthcare industry is rapidly changing, hospital leadership is looking for solutions to the new challenges they face on a daily basis. Metapro can help you with your strategic planning, clinical adoption as well as system selection and implementation that meet your organizational requirements. Metapro works closely with you to plan, organize, staff, direct, and control all project activities. We can assist your organization with a wide array of Project Management, Program Management, Training, and consulting services.

Health Care Staffing

Today’s healthcare and hospital employers face an array of human resource issues. Productivity concerns, EEO regulations, the American with Disabilities Act, wage and house audits, and competitive compensation and benefit programs are just a few of the issues that must constantly be addressed. Acquiring and deploying the right IT consultants and staff at the right time, and at the right locations is critical to the success of your IT projects and business goals.

Metapro can help you address this situation by providing experienced management of a broad range of human resource issues in a very cost-effective manner.

In addition to sourcing and deploying professional consultants and teams on your behalf. We manage the paperwork, compensation issues, payroll, timecards, and performance issues so you don’t have to. Whether you have a full time HR department in place or not, Metapro’s Resource Support programs ensure the success of your program with the least amount of overhead – reducing risks and costs associated with finding the right personnel.